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Below the Belt is an 'adult variety chat" series with a unique difference.

Hosted by the “world famous” Baroness Coral von Reefenhausen, Below the Belt is a cheeky show that takes an irreverent, fun, and risqué look at adult topics in Johannesburg and Cape Town. As a veritable fish out of water, she tackles subjects including the singles scene, nudity, pornography, S&M, swinging, prostitution, gay nightlife, adult tourism and other topics of interest ‘hidden’ in the underworlds and nightlife of greater Johannesburg and Cape Town. It’s part chat and part expose - made all the more unique by the very memorable Baroness.

Touring in her limo (driven by her well-built black driver and cohort Gino) through the most glamorous and sexy spots - from singles bars to nudist beaches - she’ll conduct ‘reality’ interviews on the scene, asking questions about their lives and experiences - all with her biting and inimitable sense of humour. In turn, they’ll guide her through the sexy and wild experiences on offer.

In every episode the Baroness chats to a South African celebrity about love, life and sex. Have you ever wanted to know if South Africa’s sexiest man, Colin Moss, is circumcised, or whether R&B singer, TK, approves of oral sex? From Jeremy Mansfield to Danny K to Lebo Mathosa, the Baroness unashamedly asks the questions that we’d never dare to ask.

The series has been produced by the same team that created the internationally critically acclaimed documentary, Metamorphosis: The Remarkable Journey of Granny Lee in 2000 as well as the two-part documentary, By Night in 2002.

Below the Belt was developed by director Lars Schwinges and executive producer Luiz DeBarros. Lars had always believed the Baroness would make a unique television personality; all that was needed was the right opportunity. "The Baroness is such a unique and alluring character," he explains. “She can really pull off an adult show of this nature - she was practically born to present Below the Belt!

The Baroness herself comments, “Love me or loath me, the word ‘indifferent’ will not enter your vocabulary.”The key to Below the Belt is its irreverent attitude to its subject matter. It’s satirical, it’s funny, it’s outrageous and most of all damn entertaining. Below the Belt - a show with guts that will keep audiences glued to the screen.

Combining glamorous locations, beautiful and unconventional people, vibrant nightlife and a dynamic and fast-paced production style with a unique and memorable host, Below the Belt is guaranteed to make for riveting viewing.