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The Baroness Coral von Reefenhausen is a glamorous and controversial German born member of European Aristocracy. A 'woman of a certain age', she is intelligent, witty, astute, occasionally foul-mouthed and when the need arises, intensely bitchy.

She is the elegant survivor of a lost world, one of designer couture and café society. While partly out of touch with South Africa, she is determined to come to grips with it. Below the Belt is her way of doing just this.

The Baroness was born in Berlin, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, ‘finished’ in Switzerland and then shocked the family by embarking on an acting, singing and dancing career. Whilst singing in a nightclub (a critic once described her singing voice as “marshmallow syrup, strained through an old brassiere”) she met, and soon after married Baron Tenny von Reefenhausen.

Two years later she divorced the Baron (but kept the title) and married the wealthy Italian, Fabrizio del Castano, who died tragically in a light aircraft accident soon after, leaving his entire fortune to his wife. The Baroness has never re-married and travels the world, thanks to her tremendous fortune.

The Baroness has performed in England, New York City and South Africa, including the Sun City Superbowl (The Baroness in Incognito). She has appeared as a guest on television chat shows including the Tony Sanderson show and presented her one-woman show at the Nico Malan in Cape Town (Ladies and Gentleman…The Baroness) The Baroness also appeared in a movie with Faye Dunnaway (Supergirl). She has written popular and long running columns in two local publications as well a sex advice column for online web portal The Baroness also makes frequent guest appearances at gala functions and acts as compére at many events.

Below the Belt is the first time that the Baroness is hosting her own television series.